Bruce Oliver Ministries Inc. is a 501(c)3 Non Profit.

Board of Directors

Mr. David Sawkins
Rev. Dave Sawkins
Spiritual Leader

Dave Sawkins is president of DS Ministries. He has been in the ministry for over 50 years serving as a Senior Pastor in
Albuquerque, New Mexico and San Jose, California and as the Assistant to the President at William Jessup University. For
fourteen years Dave served the community and law enforcement agencies as a police chaplain. Dave and his wife, Sheila, have been married for 57 years.

Dave regularly travels to Mexico where he takes part in
humanitarian efforts and to Europe where he teaches Biblical
leadership and church development and helps supply resources for various humanitarian efforts. During the past few years, he has focused on Eastern Europe, Italy, and Malta.

He is involved nationally in the issues of Faith, Family and
Freedom. He is associated with the Family Research Council, in Washington DC and he is on the boards of California Family Council and the Values Advocacy Council. He also serves on the board of Italy for Christ.

Rev Ron Shubert
Rev. Ron Shubert
Spiritual Leader

Ron Schubert is an energetic international speaker and
compassionate teacher. His approachable and interactive
leadership style fosters a high-energy, collaborative
environment where growth and change occur. Ron is
committed to the idea that everyone with even a small
amount of innate leadership talent can become a good -
even great - leader.

He is known for his creativity and visioneering, and his ability to incorporate both through effective communication.

Ron is a Level 5, Certified Church Coach and an Ordained Bishop in the Church of God. He is a pastor, author, leadership trainer, church health professional, coach, and a leadership conference speaker. Together, Ron and Robin have over 70 years combined ministry experience.

Ken Acree
Mr. Ken Acree
Financial Officer

Dr. Oliver has known Ken for many years.  Ken has been a true friend to Dr. Oliver. They first met in Marietta, GA. when pastoring Gospel Light Community Church. Ken had become a financial consultant to the church which was a big help to the leaders and Pastor Oliver. Ken has been a career CPA and the right man for the right job.  Ken has been our financial officer and is very well equipped to advise and guide Bruce Oliver Ministries Inc.

Lanier Wheetley
Mr. Lanier Wheetley

Lanier Wheetley has been a long time friend to Bruce and Winnie Oliver. When pastoring, Bruce has purchased church insurance from Lanier. On many occasions Bruce and Lanier would meet to discuss the ever changing world that pastors of churches faced. He has been a solid source of encouragement for Dr. Oliver and the rest of the team.

Bruce Oliver D.D.
Bruce Oliver D.D.

Founder & Director of Bruce Oliver Ministries Inc. Bruce and Winnie serve the Lord through music ministries, Bruce plays guitar and the both of them are recording artists who sing for Jesus. Bruce has served the Lord for over 40 years. He is a supply preacher and has pastored 4 churches from Texas to Georgia.

As the popular host of Abundant Living Podcasts, Bruce enjoys interviewing speakers representing many unique ministries. Abundant Living Podcasts has offered podcast interviews since 2019 at no charge as a way to help promote other peoples' ministries for the Glory of God! Abundant Living Podcasts now serves International as well as U.S. based ministries.

Dr. Oliver has been a bi-vocational minister while running Bruce Oliver Consulting. Here, he consults with non-profits, churches, Christian organizations, start up businesses and small sized businesses so they can stay up to date and have access to Internet services at a bargain.

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