The purpose of this blog is to provide God's truths to live by. Thus the name "Abundant Living." Dr. Oliver will provide a short 15 minute video talk about once a week for those wanting to learn more about God.

Short Welcome Video By Dr. Bruce Oliver

Dr. Oliver will speak on essential truths of the Bible. Not to worry, each talk will be clear and easy to understand. There will be illustrations, personal testimonies, scriptures and much much more to live by.

variety of topics When you apply God's Truths to your daily walk, it is possible to enjoy Abundant Living.

In addition to short talks, this a blog will feature leading Christian experts who share their knowledge on relevant topics. Each Podcast is expected to be 15 minutes to 30 minutes in length.

We strongly encourage you to respond to the talks and the podcasts with your comments, topic suggestions and prayer requests. Friends and family of this Abundant Living Blog are ready and willing to pray for your needs. We truly hope and pray that you will find this site a place you wish to bookmark and visit at least once a week.


Audio Podcasts

Featuring Special Guests (aprox 30 minutes)

11/2019 - Ben Gray, PhD - "Heart & Hope: Where Neuroscience Meets Theology." Part I & Part II Go To Podcast

10/2019 - Mr. David Johnston - The Evolution of Communication through Technology, and its impact on the Great Commission Go To Podcast
10/2019 - Rev. Randy Duke - Why Do You Believe?Go To Podcast

9/2019 - Rev. Wayne Delk - PTSD - Preparing To Survive Daily Go To Podcast
9/2019 - Dr. Patricia Burke - Effective Parenting for the 21st. Century Go To Podcast
9/2019 - Ben Gray, PhD - “Campfires for Men” An innovative Way to Reach Men for Christ"
Real Men - Real Issues - Real God.Go To Podcast

Coming Soon (Tentative)

Rev. Randy Duke - Gen Z & why they are leaving the church
Mr. Scott Stanwix - God Works Through Non-Profits*
Rev. Ron Schubert - Finding Your Place In The Church*
Dr. W* - His Pro LIfe Victories and Challenges*
Rev. Dave Sawkins - Feeding Children in Mexico*
Mr. Gilbert Montez* - Buckner Offers Hope For Children*

Video Posts

11/2019 - Dr. Bruce Oliver "Who Do You Serve & US Veterans" Go To Video Post

10/2019 - Dr. Bruce Oliver "Our Vision" Go To Video Post
10/2019 - Dr. Bruce Oliver "Want To Be A Podcast Speaker?" Go To Video Post

9/2019 - Dr. Bruce Oliver "Sweeter Than Honey" Go To Video Post

Short Audio Podcasts (2 - 15 minutes)

10/2019 - Dr. Bruce Oliver "Our Vision - Short Audio" Go To Podcast
10/2019 - Dr. Bruce Oliver "Be A Podcast Speaker - Short Audio" Go To Podcast

9/2019 - Dr. Bruce Oliver "Sweeter Than Honey - Short Audio" Go To Podcast
9/2019 - Dr. Bruce Oliver "Abundant Living Blog Intro - Short Audio" Go To Podcast

The above schedule is tentative and is subject to change. * To be determined.

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